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At Meadow Creek, we  "do church differently"  ... 

Join us Sunday mornings...

Our service begins at 11:30 with contemporary music and singing, followed by a message from the Bible that is relevant for today and can be applied to situations in your own life, workplace and relationships.
As Pastor, I encourage you to join us each Sunday as we celebrate the joy of  knowing that the God of this universe loves and cares for each of you individually.
 - Pastor Raj Sandhu
When you visit us at Meadow Creek….
•    Relax…you are among friends.

•    Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs…we didn’t know them at first either.

•    Sit down during the worship if you want to…God is more interested in our hearts than our posture.

•    Please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering…the offering is for those who consider MCCC their home church.

Our Vision
People in relationship with Christ and their community
Our Core Values (Our DNA)
Biblical Faithfulness and Prayer
Joyful Worship
Engagement in Church and Community
Leadership Development